2013 Intern Videos

Daniel Bazemore: University of Northern Colorado
Daniel worked with JISAO's Dr. Andreas Muhlbauer to understand dynamical and microphysical interactions in cirrus clouds.

Delilah Dougi: Fort Lewis College
Delilah worked with Jeff Arnold of the US Army Corps of Engineers to analyze the amount of carbon being released and stored within the Upper Missouri River System.

Daniel Gutierrez: Texas A&M Univeristy
Daniel went to Alaska to study sockey salmon with Daniel Schindler and the Alaska Samon Research Program.

Makie Matsumoto-Hervol: University of Wisconsin
Makie participated in field collection and lab analysis of orca whale scat with Jessica Lundin and the Center for Conservation Biology.

Laura Migliaccio: Clark University
Laura studied the effects of ocean acidification on pteropods with Nina Bednarsek. 

Michelle Serino: Millersville University
Michelle investigated correlations between ocean heat flux and cloud anomalies in the North Atlantic with LuAnne Thompson.