2012 Intern Videos

Abby Ahlert: University of Maryland
Abby studied microscopic plastic debris in the oceans with Dr. Giora Proskurowski in the UW Oceanography department.


Shirley Leung: University of Pennsylvania
Shirley worked with Dr. LuAnne Thompson and used numerical and analytical models to explore the ocean's role in heat storage under various conditions.


Isabel McCoy: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Isabel worked on identifying characteristics of stratocumulus clouds with JISAO's Dr. Andreas Muhlbauer.


Bianca Santos: Stony Brook University
Bianca went to Alaska to study the growth of coho salmon with Dr. Daniel Schindler and the Alaska Salmon Research Program.


Ricky Vargas: Rutgers University
Ricky studied precipitation variations over the Cascade mountains with Dr. Cliff Mass in the UW Atmospheric Sciences department.