2011 Intern Videos

Theresa Edwards: Willamette University
Theresa spent her summer in Alaska collecting data for long-term monitoring studies of salmon populations in the Bristol Bay area. In this video Theresa shows the work being done by the Alaskan Salmon Research Program and describes her summer in the wilderness.

Karissa Lear: Clark University
Karissa worked at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center studying marine copopods with Dr. Julie Keister. In this video Karissa shows us the experiments she ran to see how ocean acidification is impacting local marine life. 

Dennis Negron-Rivera: University of Puerto Rico
Dennis worked with JISAO's deputy director Nick Bond searching for a relationship between ocean and atmospheric conditions and how they might effect upwelling events along the Washington coast. In this video Dennis describes the computer analyzations he did during his "61 days with JISAO."

Rachel Pausch: University of Miami
Rachel spent her summer in the San Juan islands collecting scat samples from the resident killer whales. In this video Rachel describes how Tucker, the scat-sniffing dog, identifies whale feces floating in the water. 

Vivian Underhill: University of Colorado
Vivian worked with JISAO's Kevin Wood to investigate sea ice distribution in the Bering Sea. In this video Vivian describes her variety of experiences including field work on a Mt. Rainier glacier and metal construction in a UW machine shop. 

Jake Zaragoza: Gonzaga University
Jake worked with Dr. Julian Sachs in the UW Oceanography department to reconstruct past climate in the tropics to learn about shifts of the intertropical convergence zone (ITZ). In this video Jake describes the process he used to infer past rainfall variations in the tropics by running water samples from islands along the ITZ.