2010 Intern Videos

Angel Adames-Corraliza: University of Puerto Rico
Angel spent his summer analyzing sun photometer data collected during the Around the Americas voyage. In this video Angel describes his research project and shows some of the fun he had during his summer in Seattle.

Korita Humphries: Claflin University
Korita was an intern in the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences. In this video she describes the research project she worked on over the summer and shows the lab where she conducted her research.

Alex Kowaleski: Davidson College
Alex worked with mentor Dargan Frierson in the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences and spent his summer analyzing static stability on global climate models. In this video Alex gives an overview of his research.

Nikki Marschke: Drake University
Nikki worked as an intern with the UW School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences. In this video she shows us how she dissected Pacific Herring to analyze the diets of the fish caught in Puget Sound.

Cole Perkinson: Reed College
Cole spent his summer at NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Lab. He worked under JISAO's Joe Resing analyzing seawater samples obtained near underwater volcanoes and thermal vents in the Pacific Ocean. This video includes footage from the deepest undersea volcanic eruption ever filmed.

Kelsey Powers: University of Washington
Kelsey spent her summer in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Her internship project was to study the health of Killer Whales by collecting and analyzing their fecal matter. This video features, Tucker, the researcher's scat-sniffing dog.

Kyle Thomas: Texas Southern University
Kyle worked with mentor Julian Sachs in the UW Department of Oceanography. In this video Kyle shows some of the equipment he used during his internship and demonstrates one of the analysis procedures he worked on in the lab.