Videos: Can Crushing

NOW PLAYING: The UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences Outreach Program demonstrates the power of atmospheric pressure around us by harnessing its power to crush an aluminum can.

Produced by UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences Outreach Program in association with JISAO

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Frank being interviewedFrank Lagusik: Togiak, Alaska native Frank Logusik talks about growing up along the southern coast of Alaska and how changes in the climate have affected hunting and fishing patterns within the community.



Guillaume speakingPortal to the Public: JISAO research scientist, Guillaume Mauger, is featured in Pacific Science Center's video about their Portal to the Public program.




watering can over WA state mapRain Demo: Karin Bumbaco and Guillaume Mauger created this demonstration to use when talking with the public about how to create a successful rain gauge network in Washington state.