New Babies

Yveline Ambler Mittell Mauger
Daughter of Guallaume Mauger


Christopher George Muhlbauer, born April 30, 2013
Son of Andreas Muhlbauer


Jack Meyer, born in March 2013
Son of Andrew Meyer


Milo Frederick Banas Doolittle, born October 30, 2012
Son of Neil Banas

Milo Banas      Neil holding Milo


Ethan Yang, born April 10, 2012
Son of Qiong Yang


Dustin Archer Kleiss, born July 16, 2011
Son of Jessica Kliess



Leonora, born August 13, 2010
Daughter of Robert Wood


Grace Macdonald, born July 14, 2010
Daughter of Stephanie Zador


Alexander, born October 23, 2009
Son of Andreas Muhlbauer


Adina, born July 9, 2009
Daughter of Rachel Tang and Yong Wei

more photos of Adina