Travel Guidelines

When in doubt, contact Collen Marquist, JISAO's Travel Coordinator, at 206-685-6548.
Advance funds for travel YES based on # of days of travel and per diem rate. NO Once the completed and signed Travel Request form is received by JISAO, submit an advance request via email to Collen (no additional form required). Request number of days and provide location(s).
Airfare YES

Coach fare only. See Coach Plus airfair below.


Once the completed and signed Travel Request Form is received, contact JISAO's travel agent Michael Henrichs at 206-658-4651 or 1-877-429-5787 to make your reservation (Alternate contacts are travel agents at Corporate Travel Management). No travel arrangements will be made for you by Collen.

If you are a visitor, contact Collen after your travel request has been submitted and she will put you in touch with the travel agent. 

Business class fare allowed if entire one-way flight (including layovers) is more than 14 hours.

Alcohol NO (see notes for exceptions) N/A N/A

Alcohol purchases can only be reimbursed from discretionary funds. Prior approval required.

Baggage fee

YES N/A YES Receipt is required regardless of amount. Most airlines now charge for extra baggage; reimbursement of this expense is allowable. 
Business class (air and rail) No (see notes for exceptions) N/A YES Travel less than 14 hours is only allowed by prior approval of the Dean of the College of the Environment. When travel to or from a foreign location is 14 hours or greater, including layover, business class fare, extra leg room charge, or or staying in lodging for one night (not to exceed 24 hours) is allowable with approvals as normal on travel request. 



For reduced rates, use Enterprise/National and use the contract code 45WA033 and company name WAS. Your UW Travel credit card should be used for payment. Receipt always required. You must be the only driver to be reimbursed unless you are working with another UW employee. Go to Enterprise website and click on business tab to get started. 

More UW car rental guidelines and details

Coach Plus airfare YES YES YES Generally for extra legroom for travel in excess of 14 hours. If needed to accommodate physical needs, contact Collen. 
Currency exchange fees NO N/A N/A

Covered by foreign per diem only. 

Collen will calculate exchange rate on OANDA website for all expenses in foreign currency unless you provide exact charges from bank statement. 

Emergencies Yes N/A N/A See Global Support Services website
Equipment YES N/A YES When taking equipment on foreign travel be prepared at US Customs reentry to show a receipt for the item and/or a confirmation letter signed by Mary Smith. See the Equipment Inventory Office Customs page for details.
Foreign travel YES (see notes for restrictions) N/A YES

Foreign airline reservations can be made through Corporate Travel Management (see airfare notes above).

Some budgets require prior approval from sponsor for foreign travel, contact Fred Averick if unsure.

Travel to Canada and Mexico is usually not considered Foreign Travel.

US flag airlines must be used unless no US carrier offers flight or other exceptional circumstances (Fly America Act).

Open Skies Agreement countries

Health Vaccinations, prescriptions, chest x-ray, TB test Does not include over the counter unless specified in CDC guidelines


CDC travel guidelines for foreign countries are uploaded by Collen to justify the meds purchased. Review them on CDC's website. Only specific medicines are allowed. 

Prescriptions must be described on the receipt. Receipts with amounts only are not allowed.

Insurance No N/A N/A See Global Support Services website
Internet fees YES N/A YES/NO Internet fees usually show up on the hotel folio. If greater than $75, a receipt is required.
Lodging YES see notes YES

Hotel reservations are made by the traveler and put on a personal UW Travel Card (see Travel Card below).

Contract Hotels

Cost of hotel generally cannot exceed the established rate for that location; there are certain exceptions to this which must be pre-approved and documented, but the cost can never exceed 150% of the established rate unless it's a conference hotel or the lodging can be justified as lower cost overall (documentation showing overall savings required).

Meals INCLUDED IN PER DIEM (see notes if per diem does not cover costs of meals) see per diem (and notes) NO (assuming only per diem)

If traveler receives free meal, no per diem allowed for that meal.

Continental breakfast and airplane meals do not count as a full meal so per diem can be claimed even if traveler receives one.

Circumstances where UW can reimburse meals over the per diem.

Meals for UW employees can only be reimbursed when you are in "travel status."

Medical YES see Health notes YES Send in Travel Request and contact Collen prior to medical appointment for details about CDC recommendations. Costs are reimbursable before travel.
Membership fees SOMETIMES--see notes NO YES

If membership is required to attend the meeting, then this is an allowable cost. In general, professional membership cannot be paid from a federal grant. If membership plus registration is equal to or less than non-membership registration amount, membership cost is allowed. 

Mileage for personal car YES Rates NO

Collen will calculate mileage for you and upload the calculation in Ariba, because state rules are complex.

Airfare comparison must be searched online prior to travel. You will be reimbursed for the cost of the cheapest airline ticket, not your miles driven, if the airfare is less. 

More details on reimbursement for use of personal car

Per diem YES Rates NO For cruises with complex movement between locations, please use Excel spreadsheet to document timing and location of movements.
Personal travel see notes N/A N/A

Although the UW will not pay for any additional costs related to personal travel (whether for a UW employee or his/her companion), it is allowable for UW employees to take annual leave before or after a business trip. Make sure to note the date and time that personal leave starts and ends.

Contact Collen about state guidelines before making reservations. 

Public transportation YES NO NO Keep a detailed record of such trips and send to Collen with other documents.
Receipts - specifically missing receipts see notes see notes see notes

Receipts are not required for items under $75 (except for airfare, foreign taxi fare, checked baggage, and car rental). All other expenses must have an original receipt to be reimbursed. Best policy is to keep all receipts. 

If receipt is lost, individual can complete UW Perjury Statement to certify that expense was valid.

Scanned, photographed, and faxed receipts are allowed. 

Credit card statements are acceptable if no other receipt is available (except for lodging).

Registration YES NO YES

Registration should be paid for by Collen with JISAO's ProCard. 

A copy of the meeting/conference website URL is needed with other travel documents.

Supplies YES NO YES

Can only be reimbursed by sending receipts and completed eReimbursement form to Deb Malarek for processing at Box 355672, or via email to

Taxis YES NO

If under $75 - NO,
$75 and over - YES

Tip is allowable. Foreign taxis currency exchange will be calculated by Collen. 

For foreign trips, taxi receipts are required no matter the cost. If the driver has no way to provide a receipt, record the expense in the foreign currency paid. 

Tips see notes N/A N/A

Tips for taxi rides are allowable, but tips in hotels or such are covered by the per diem.

Travel Card YES YES N/A For all expenses related to travel that cannot be paid for by a JISAO ProCard (contact Collen), UW policy encourages employees to use a UW Travel Card issued by JP Morgan Chase. Application
Visa YES see notes YES

Costs can be reimbursed prior to travel. Submit a travel request first.

Foreign visitors must provide scans of visa, passport, photo, and entry stamp pages. 

Foreign students living in the US must submit copy of DS-2019.


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