Foreign Travel

Additional Airline Rules

As JISAO is almost entirely funded with Federal funds, we're required to comply with the Fly America Act, which says that when flying--with a few exceptions--TRAVELERS MUST USE A U.S. FLAG CARRIER (i.e. a U.S. owned airline). This is stricter than the general UW rules. (Please note that the travel agency we most commonly use is aware of these rules, and books flights within their restrictions.)

Here are the highlights of the Fly America Act:

  • When flying, a U.S. airline must be used if there is service available, unless one or more of the conditions exist
    • no U.S. air carrier provides service on a particular leg of your route
    • use of a U.S. carrier extends travel time by 6 or more hours
    • use of a U.S. carrier increases the number of aircraft changes outside the U.S. by two or more
    • use of a U.S. carrier requires a connecting time of four hours or more at an overseas interchange point
    • use of foreign air carrier is necessary for medical reasons
    • use of foreign air carrier is required to avoid unreasonable risk
    • service on a foreign air carrier is three hours or less, and use of U.S. flag air carrier doubles en route travel time
    • seat on U.S. air carrier in coach class service is unavailable, seat on foreign air carrier in coach is available
  • Lower cost, in and of itself, is not an acceptable reason to use a foreign air carrier
  • Countries approved for federal funded transportation services: European Union plus Iceland and Norway, Australia, Switzerland, Japan. List of Open Skies Agreement countries. 

Insurance and Emergency Services

  • Global Travel Insurance and Emergency Services. Review this webpage thoroughly. 
  • Print an On Call membership card.
  • Collen Marquist will submit UW Employee Abroad Reporting Form for each trip you take outside the United States and territories.

If you have any question about these rules please contact Collen Marquist or Fred Averick