To obtain a contribution number please visit JISAO's Publication Contribution Number Request Form (you must have UW's NetID) or contact Collen Marquist: marquist at

JISAO publication policy (contribution numbers)

Under the terms and conditions of the JISAO/University of Washington Cooperative Agreement with NOAA, all JISAO-funded publications must have a contribution number. If JISAO provides funds or facilities that support you or your research, any publication resulting from that support, in which you appear as a contribution author, must have a JISAO contribution number and include the following statement of acknowledgment.

"This publication is [partially] funded by the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean (JISAO) under NOAA Cooperative Agreement and NA15OAR4320063, Contribution No. ______."

Before submitting a JISAO sponsored paper for publication visit JISAO's Publication Contribution Number Request Form to obtain a contribution number (see message above). Following these guidelines insures that your research is in compliance with the regulations of the agencies that govern JISAO grant allocations.

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NOAA logo policies

The Joint and Cooperative Institutes may place the NOAA logo on the following items, in a manner consistent with the terms and uses prescribed below.

  • Scientific posters and written presentation materials (e.g., electronic presentations, overhead projections, handouts) conveying research findings from projects funded under a Joint or Cooperative Institute (CI) agreement, authored jointly by a NOAA scientist and a participating Institute scientist.
  • Small brochures, booklets and conference agendas (fewer than 10 pages) published by a Joint Institute or CI for public outreach efforts in support of one or more of NOAA's missions (e.g., information to inform the public about ways to protect the oceans and atmosphere), and/or providing exclusively descriptive information about the establishment of the Institute and/or exclusively research findings, authored jointly by NOAA and Institute scientists, from projects funded under a Joint or CI agreement. Brochures and booklets are to be authored jointly by NOAA and the Institute. Conference agendas are to reflect the presentation of scientific research funded by a Joint or CI agreement.
Use of the NOAA logo must be accompanied by the following statement: "The NOAA emblem is a registered trademark of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission."

JISAO logo

JISAO's logo can be downloaded here for use on research posters and sponsorship materials.

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