Spotlight Archive: 2006-2008


Spotlight, December 2008
Andre Punt: Professor of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

Spotlight, November 2008
Carl Childs: Hurricanes, gators, and snakes - all in a day's work

Spotlight, October 2008
Tom Ackerman: JISAO director visits Howard University

Spotlight, October 2008
Cara MariAnna: JISAO's Outreach and Diversity Specialist

Spotlight, September 2008
Josiah Mault: Assistant State Climatologist

Spotlight, August 2008
Muyin Wang: Climate change and its impact on the ecosystem

Spotlight, July 2008
Research Cruise: International Chemistry Experiment in the Arctic Lower Troposphere (ICEALOT)

Spotlight, May 2008
Eric Salathe: Thinking globally, acting locally

Spotlight, April 2008
Dongxiao Zhang: Eyes on the ocean in a changing climate

Spotlight, March 2008
Todd Mitchell: Observations to study nature

Spotlight, 2008
Lecture Series: Climate Change, A Wake Up Call


Spotlight, November 2007
Roger Marchand: Head in the clouds

Spotlight, October 2007
JISAO / Howard University Seminar Exchange

Spotlight, September 2007
Drew Hamilton: Oceanographer observes three decades of ocean and atmospheric research

Spotlight, August 2007
Igor Kamenkovich: Dynamics fo the ocean circulation and its role in the Earth's climate

Spotlight, July 2007
Edison Gica: Coastal hazards

Spotlight, April 2007
Sarah Doherty: From the ozone hole to climate change

Spotlight, March 2007
Dave Covert: JISAO Research Scientist

Spotlight: January 2007
Nick Bond: Turning a passion for weather into cutting edge climate science


Spotlight, December 2006
NOAA Science Camp

Spotlight, November 2006
Ignatius Rigor: Researcher brings fresh insight to understanding of arctic and global climate

Spotlight, September 2006
Safe Seas: Oil spill response exercise

Spotlight, July 2006
Meredith Hastings: Climate history frozen in Greenland's ice and snow