News Archive 2016


Capital Press, December 19, 2016
Washington's winter outlook turns colder, wetter
      Keywords: Nick Bond

eNews Park Forest, December 15, 2016
Researchers unveil secrets of undersea volcano
      Keywords: PMEL

Alaska Public Media, December 12, 2016
Where does the soot come from that peppers Juneau Icefield?
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty, JISAO

KTOO, December 9, 2016
UAS Scientists ask: Where does the soot come from that peppers Juneau Icefield?
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty, JISAO

Hakai Magazine, December 6, 2016
Scientists confirm: "The Blob" really messed up the Northeast Pacific
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe, algae bloom


Chinook Observer, November 2, 2016
Climate expert expects 'some major flooding' this winter
      Keywords: Nick Bond


Water Deeply, October 31, 2016
'The Blob' is back: What warm ocean mass means for weather, wildlife

      Keywords: Nick Bond

The Seattle Times, October 13, 2016
How a super typhoon got sucked into a jet stream and spawned the storm that's barreling right for us
      Keywords: Nick Bond

Electronics 360, October 10, 2016
Video: Air-traffic, text messages, tsunami-resilient design standards, and more

      Keywords: JISAO

King 5 News, October 7, 2016
Study: 'The Blob' correlates with explosion of marine toxins (video)
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe

Telegiz, October 2, 2016
Toxic algae bloom in west coast triggered by Pacific Ocean 'blob' (video)
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe


Global News Connect, September 30, 2016
Civil engineering multitude issues first-ever tsunami-safe building standards
      Keywords: Yong Wei

The Washington Post, September 29, 2016
The Pacific blob caused an 'unprecedented' toxic algal bloom - and there's more to come
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe, JISAO

AGU, September 29, 2016
Ocean conditions contributed to unprecedented 2015 toxic algal bloom
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe, the Blob

UW Today, September 29, 2016
Ocean conditions contributed to unprecedented 2015 toxic algal bloom
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe

WTop, September 29, 2016
Warm Pacific Ocean 'blob' facilitated vast toxic algae bloom
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe

The Daily Astorian, September 29, 2016
Editorial: Start building tsunami-safe buildings now
      Keywords: Yong Wei

Seattle PI, September 29, 2016
Pacific coast tsunami-risk maps: Building codes tweaked so we'll survive
      Keywords: Yong Wei

King5 News, September 28, 2016
New recommendations for tsunami-resistant buildings in Washington (video)
      Keywords: JISAO, Yong Wei

The Seattle Times, September 27, 2016
A new 'how-to' for tsunami-safe buildings: 'We're trying to save lives'
      Keywords: Yong Wei, Center for Tsunami Research

UW Today, September 12, 2016
UW Scientists helping direct NASA field study of clouds off Namibia

      Keywords: Sarah Doherty, aerosol particles


August 30, 2016
Scientists study behavior of Tropical Storm Lionrock as it turns toward Japan
      Keywords: Jennifer Keene, JISAO

King 5 News, August 11, 2016
"Blob" proves less influential on Washington's weather (video)
      Keywords: Nick Bond


UW News, July 19, 2016
UW oceanographers grow, sequence genome of ocean microbe important to climage change
      Keywords: Bonnie Chang, JISAO

KUOW, July 16, 2016
Starving seabirds washing up dead on Washington beaches (audio)
      Keywords: Nick Bond, The Blob

Product Design and Development
Sailboat-like Drone Helps NOAA Study the Arctic Ecosystem
      Keywords: Saildrone


ESPN Radio, June 30, 2016
Tom Ackerman talks with Danny, Dave, and Moore about the marine layer at Safeco Field (audio)
      Keywords: JISAO, marine layer

The Daily Astorian, June 27, 2016
Editorial: Forecasting ocean conditions is smart
       Keywords: J-SCOPE, Samantha Siedlecki

Chinook Observer
NOAA: Harmful algae still around but not producing much toxin
       Keywords: JISAO, J-SCOPE, Samantha Siedlecki

Science Codex, June 23, 2016
Ocean forecast offers season outlook for Pacific Northwest waters
       Keywords: J-SCOPE, Samantha Siedlecki

Science Daily, June 23, 2016
Ocean forecast offers season outlook for Pacific Northwest waters
       Keywords: J-SCOPE, Samantha Siedlecki

UW Today, June 22, 2016
Ocean forecast offer seasonal outlook for Pacific Northwest waters
      Keywords: J-SCOPE, Samantha Siedlecki

Science News, June 20, 2016
Deep-sea hydrothermal vents more abundant than thought
      Keywords: Edward Baker, Joe Resing

Alaska Native News, June 13, 2016
Unmanned Saildrones depart once again from Dutch Harbor on Bering Sea data-gathering mission
      Keywords: JISAO

NOAA, June 8, 2016
NOAA announces $4.5M in funding for technologies that improve observations in teh tropical Pacific
      Keywords: Saildrone, Adrienne Sutton, Dongxiao Zhang

The Chinook Observer, June 7, 2016
Warmer ocean rips and ripples through coast economic sectors
      Keywords: Nick Bond, the Blob

Daily Update, June 6, 2016
NOAA tries out sailing drones for Alaskan pollock research
      Keywords: Saildrone, AFSC

NOAA, June 3, 2016
NOAA and partners chart new territory for ocean science
      Keywords: Saildrone, AFSC, JISAO

ABC News, June 3, 2016
Unmanned vessels deployed for Alaska ocean research
      Keywords: Saildrone, AFSC


JISAO, May 11, 2016
Four new postdoctoral researchers selected to join JISAO in 2016/2017
      Keywords: Gothmann, Horowitz, Proistosescu, Zanowski

UW Today, May 10, 2016
UW part of NOAA-led cruise to study West Coast ocean acidificaiton
      Keywords: JISAO, Brendan Carter, Julian Herndon, Ryan McCabe, Morgan Ostendorf

EOS, May 9, 2016
What does the Pacific Arctic's new normal mean for Marine Life?
      Keywords: Lisa Sheffield Guy


The Daily, April 28, 2016
Understanding the blob and 65 years of hot water

      Keywords: Samantha Siedlecki

My Northwest, April 19, 2016
Climatologist says global warming isn't causing record-breaking heat
      Keywords: Nick Bond

Sea Grant, April 14, 2016
Knauss Fellowship: The Fellowship of the Knauss
      Keywords: Adrienne Sutton

Winds of Change Magazine, Spring 2016
Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean Summer Internships
      Keywords: Dalilah Dougi, Daniel Hernandez

Stories in the News: April 5, 2016
Sentinels of change: Gray whales in the Arctic
      Keywords: Amelia Brower, NOAA Marine Mammal Lab, JISAO


KPLU, March 26, 2015
The childhood fantasy that launched a life at sea (audio)
      Keywords: Kevin Wood

Seattle Times, March 14, 2016
Officials consider drastic step to boost coho: no fishing this year
      Keywords: Nick Bond

UW Today, March 9, 2016
Darkening of Greenland ice sheet due mainly to older, melting snow
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty, JISAO

Eos, March 8, 2016
Faster-merging snow crystals speed Greenland ice sheet melting
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty

The Washington Post, March 3, 2016
Greenland's melting is 'feeding on itself,' sceintists say
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty

The Diane Rehm Show, March 2, 2016
Environmental Outlook: Concerns about the unique warming trends in the Pacific Ocean (audio)
      Keywords: Nick Bond


OPB FM, February 24, 2016
What do long-dead whalers have to do with climate change? (audio, video)
      Keywords: Kevin Wood, Old Weather


UW Today, January 26, 2016
Former JISAO intern's mathematical model explains recurring rainstorms in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans
      Keywords: Ángel Adames, El Niño

Go Skagit, January 13, 2016
Officials seeing low salmon returns, small fish
      Keywords: JISAO

UW Today, January 11, 2016
Northwest winter weather: El Niño, coastal effects, no more 'blob'
      Keywords: Nick Bond, JISAO

Eco-Business, January 6, 2016
Whaling history's clues to climate future
      Keywords: Old Weather, JISAO, Kevin Wood