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Seattle PI, December 4, 2007
Climate change could mean more massive downpours [pdf*]»
Keywords: Eric Salathe, climate change, rainfall

NOAA & Nature Geoscience, December 3, 2007
"Widening of the tropical belt in a changing climate" - Nature Geoscience [pdf*]»NOAA News Release [pdf*]»
Keywords: Qiang Fu, atmospheric circulation

NOVEMBER, November 11, 2007
ARGO floats: Steven Riser among scientists coaxing world's oceans to reveal subsurface secrets [pdf*]»
Keywords: Stephen Riser, ARGO floats, NOAA, temperature and salinity

OCTOBER, October 29, 2007
Lettenmaier & Leovy named AAAS Fellows [pdf*]»
Keywords: Dennis Lettenmaier, Conway Leovy, AAAS Fellows, October 26, 2007
AGU award for Nick Bond, Billy Kessler [pdf*]»
Keywords: AGU award, American Geophysical Union, Nick Bond, Billy Kessler

NOAA/OAR Research, October 19, 2007
Outstanding scientific paper awards [pdf*]»
Keywords: NOAA, OAR, Outstanding Scientific Paper Awards, PMEL, October 18, 2007
UW early contributor to Nobel prize-winning work by climate group [pdf*]»
Keywords: Phil Mote, Ed Miles, Todd Mitchell, Ed Sarachik, Ignatius Rigor, IPCC, climate change

Marine Biological Laboratory (, October 17, 2007
Hydrothermal vents: hot spots of microbial diversity [pdf*]»
Keywords: Julie Huber, David Butterfield, MBL, NOAA, deep sea volcano

Seattle Times, October 15, 2007
World warms up to climate challenge [pdf*]»
Keywords: IPCC, climate change

Seattle Times, October 12, 2007
Northwest scientists played roles in Nobel Peace Prize [pdf*]»
Keywords: Phil Mote, Ed Miles, Mike Wallace, IPCC, climate change

Bellingham Herald, October 4, 2007
Scientist: Global warming real threat [pdf*]»
Keywords: Tom Ackerman, global warming, October 4, 2007
Perennial ice, sometimes thick enough to defy icebreakers, may be key to predicting Arctic thaw [pdf*]»
Keywords: Ignatius Rigor, Arctic ice

New York Times, October 2, 2007
Arctic melt unnerves the experts [pdf*]»
Keywords: Mike Wallace, Ignatius Rigor, Arctic ice

SEPTEMBER, September 7, 2007
Interview with Ignatius Rigor on melting Arctic ice and polar bears [video]»
Keywords: Ignatius Rigor, Arctic ice, polar bears

Seattle Times, September 7, 2007
Arctic ice cap to melt faster than feared, scientists say [pdf*]»
Keywords: Muyin Wang, James Overland, Arctic ice

Washington Post, September 7, 2007
NOAA scientists say Arctic ice is melting faster than expected [pdf*]»
Keywords: Muyin Wang, James Overland, Arctic ice

AUGUST, August 14, 2007
JISAO's Climate Impacts Group awarded $1.5M by the state legislature to perform a compressive assessment of the impact of climate change on Washington [pdf*]»
Keywords: Ed Miles, D. Lettenmaier, climate change, Washington state, health


JISAO, July 10, 2007
Assistant State Climatologist Josiah Mault wins forecast contest»
Keywords: Josiah Mault, weather forecast

JUNE, June 11, 2007
The woes of Kilimanjaro: Don't blame global warming [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, global warming


Seattle Times, May 22, 2007
Global warming could impact climate, forests and snowpack [pdf*]»
Keywords: Amy Snover, global warming, Pacific Northwest, May 10, 2007
Climate change a threat to Indonesian agriculture, study says [pdf*]»
Keywords: David Battisti, El Niño

APRIL, April 20, 2007
Guidebook will help communities prepare for climate change impacts [pdf*]»
Keywords: Amy Snover, CIG, global warming, April 19, 2007
Climate Impacts Group receives 2007 King County Green Globe Award»
Keywords: CIG, Nate Mantua, Ed Miles, April 2, 2007
Earthquake and tsunami devastate Solomon Islands [pdf*]»
Keywords: tsunami, Solomon Islands

MARCH, March 23, 2007
Global warming essays chosen as next UW Common Book [pdf*]»
Keywords: global warming, climate change, March 1, 2007
UW scientists prominent as 'International Polar Year' is launched [pdf*]»
Keywords: Peter Rhines, polar


National Geographic, February 17, 2007
Acid Oceans Threatening Marine Food Chain, Experts Warn [pdf*]»
Keywords: Richard Feely, CO2, oceans

Huliq News (, February 16, 2007
US needs to plan for climate change-induced summer droughts [pdf*]»
Keywords: Dennis Lettenmaier, water management, February 7, 2007
King County proposes global warming action plan [pdf*]»
Keywords: Amy Snover, global warming, February 3, 2007
Climate change may make part of Delaware disappear [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, climate change, ice, February 2, 2007
JISAO scientists contribute to international report, see increased warming [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, Ignatius Rigor, Todd Mitchell, climate change

Seattle Times, February 2, 2007
Climate scientists surer than ever: humans to blame [pdf*]»
Keywords: Tom Ackerman, climate, global warming

Seattle PI, February 2, 2007
Climate change questions answered [pdf*]»
Keywords: climate change

Seattle Times, February 2, 2007
UW researcher in spotlight on global-warming issue [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, global warming

Seattle PI, February 2, 2007
Scientists agree: Humans causing global warming [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, global warming, Northwest, February 2, 2007
UW scientist helped write international global warming report [pdf*]»
Keywords:Philip Mote, Ed Sarachik, climate change

JANUARY, January 29, 2007
Experts square off on climate change [pdf*]»
Keywords: Philip Mote, climate change

The Olympian, January 25, 2007
For climate change talk, not much good news [pdf*]»
Keywords: Amy Snover, climate change, January 18, 2007
Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean gets new director [pdf*]»
Keywords: Tom Ackerman, JISAO, director

Seattle Times, January 10, 2007
Hot air in D.C. hinders global-warming fight [pdf*]»
Keywords: Mike Wallace, global warming

Science, January 5, 2007
Could mother nature give the warming Arctic a reprieve? [pdf*]»
Keywords: Muyin Wang, James Overland, Arctic, January 1, 2007
Could climate change alter the taste of Oregon wines? [pdf*]»
Keywords: Eric Salathe, weather, rain, January, 2007
Misquoted scientists cry foul over polar bear editorial [pdf*]»
Keywords: Ignatius Rigor , arctic, ice, polar bears


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