JISAO partners with academic and research institutions, government agencies, NGOs and community organizations in order to advance scientific knowledge about the world's atmosphere and oceans. By working in collaboration JISAO is able to strengthen and extend its areas of research and expertise in order to serve the widest possible regional, national and global community interests.

Partnership HighlightsNoevolcanic Eruption

JISAO's Joe Resing, Chief Scientist on Cruise Studying Neovolcanic Activity in the Southwest Pacific

In May 2009, JISAO, in partnership with The National Science Foundation, NOAA, and scientists from Universities across the country, traveled to the NE Lau Basin in the Southwest Pacific Ocean to explore sites of recent volcanic eruptions. Read the mission blog here

Around the Americas

The Ocean Watch at Sea

JISAO is currently partnering with Pacific Science Center on an exciting project to circumnavigate by sailboat the North and South American continents to examine ocean health and marine conservation. 
Read more about the voyage here

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