In the News (press coverage)



UW News, March 21, 2018
Partnering with indigenous communities to anticipate and adapt to ocean change
      Keywords: JISAO

Capital Press
Federal spring outlook favors S. Oregon drought deepening
      Keywords: Nick Bond


The Cordova Times, February 21, 2018
AMHS vesel helps to track ocean acidity
      Keywords: JISAO, Geoff Lebon

UW Daily, February 8, 2018
Over 150 year old Navy logbooks fill in climate record gaps
      Keywords: Kevin Wood, JISAO


NOAA, January 18, 2018
Mining weather data from Civil War-era Navy logbooks
      Keywords: Old Weather, Kevin Wood, JISAO

UW News, January 18, 2018
Civil War-era U.S. Navy Ships' logs to be explored for climate data, maritime history
      Keywords: Old Weather, Kevin Wood, JISAO

British Antarctic Survey, January 10, 2018
Expedition to 'health-check' Southrn Right Whales
      Keywords: Amy Kennedy



Christianity Today, December 21, 2017
Understanding God's control when you're a climate scientist
      Keywords: Tom Ackerman, geoengineering

Eureka Alert, December 7, 2017
Special issue to highlight impact of changes in Arctic climate
      Keywords: JISAO, Muyin Wang


King5 News, November 20, 2017
Toxic algae, low meat delay Dungeness crab season
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe

Northwest Public Radio, November 14, 2017
Federal climate change report cites urgency in emissions reductions (audio)
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty 

KTVB, November 10, 2017
Another oscillation in the Pacific helps determine Northwest weather (video)
      Keywords: Nick Bond

Capital Press, November 6, 2017
U.S. climate roport forecasts shrinking snowpacks
      Keywords: Nick Bond

CBS News, November 7, 2017
White House report says humans add to climate change, despite president's statements (video)
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty

New York Times, November 6, 2017
Op-Ed: The climate risks we face
      Keywords: Sarah Doherty, Climate Science Special Report


Truthout, October 19, 2017
Our summer of fire and the fires to come
      Keywords: Nick Bond, JISAO

The Spectator, October 4, 2017
Chasing Coral: Diving into ocean conservation
      Keywords: JISAO


Alaska Native News, September 14, 2017
Federal grants fuel collaborative research in endangered Cook Inlet belugas
      Keywords: AFSC

Capital Press, September 14, 2017
Drought spreads across three-quarters of Washington, half of Oregon

      Keywords: Karin Bumbaco 

UW News, September 14, 2017
Old fish few and far between under fishing pressure
      Keywords: JISAO

King5 News, September 11, 2017
Ship pollution leads to lightning, study finds (video)
      Keywords: Todd Mitchell

Capital Press, September 8, 2017
Majority of Washington falls into drought
      Keywords: Nick Bond, Karin Bumbaco

UW News, September 7, 2017
Ship exhaust makes oceanic thrunderstorms more intense
      Keywords: JISAO, Todd Mitchell 


Capital Press
'Incredibly dry' Washington to heat up
      Keywords: Nick Bond, WA State Climate Office

U.S. News, August 9, 2017
Soggy no more: Seattle turns switch with record dry streak
      Keywords: Nick Bond

Seattle Times, August 8, 2017
Seattle's 'amazing transition' from wet to dry probably just a coincidence, scientists say
      Keywords: Nick Bond, WA State Climate Office


UPI, July 25, 2017
Scientists consider 'cloud brightening' to slow global warming
      Keywords: Tom Ackerman, geoengineering

UW Today, July 25, 2017
Could spraying particles into the marine clouds help cool the planet?

      Keywords: Tom Ackerman, JISAO, Dave Covert, geoengineering

DW, July 17, 2017
Will climate change turn the Sahel green?
      Keywords: JISAO data

Science Daily, July 11, 2017
Most comprehensive database on past global changes is online
      Keywords: Casey Saenger


The Arctic Sounder, June 30, 2017
Beluga study underway in Norton Sound
      Keywords: Christy Sims, Amelia Brower

UW Today, June 26, 2017
The New York Times recognizes UW student policy recommendations
      Keywords: Ryan McCabe, JISAO


Live Science, May 18, 2017
Stianed-glass Earth: Huge foam threads glisten in new satellite image
      Keywords: Kim Martini, JISAO


New York Times Magazine, April 18, 2017
Is it o.k. to tinker with the environment to fight climate change?
      Keywords: Tom Ackerman

New York Times, April 10, 2017
Scientists fear climate data gap as Trump aims at satellites
      Keywords: Tom Ackerman

Geek Wire, April 5, 2017
Sea lion scientists call on software engineers to help count the marine behemoths, offer $25,000 prize money
      Keywords: NOAA Marine Mammal Lab


Gizmodo, March 30, 2017
The hunt for undiscovered drugs at the bottom of the sea
      Keywords: JISAO, Dave Butterfield

FiveThirtyEight, March 28, 2017
A century-old Arctic shipwreck could help us predect extreme weather
      Keywords: JISAO, Kevin Wood, climate change

Seattle PI, March 7, 2017
Trump pitches tsunami of cuts to NOAA
      Keywords: JISAO

King5 News, March 7, 2017
It's not your imagination - winter's been colder than normal (video)
      Keywords: Nick Bond


Stories in the News, February 17, 2017
What you need to know about the critically endangered whale you've never heard of
     Keywords: Amy Kennedy

King 5 News, February 7, 2017
With lowland snow, have washington winters returned to 'normal?' (video)
      Keywords: Nick Bond


KTVA Alaska, January 25, 2017
Scientists fear Trump administration will wipe climate change data from government websites
      Keywords: Nick Bond, JISAO

MyNorthwest, January 19, 2017
Seattle weather about to take a change toward 'typical' (video)
      Keywords: Nick Bond

Gizmodo, January 19, 2017
Breathtaking new video footage of the ocean's uncharted depths
      Keywords: JISAO, David Butterfield, hydrothermal vents, Back-Arc

UW Today, January 10, 2017
Rapid Arctic warming has in the past shifted Southern Ocean winds

      Keywords: JISAO, ice core

My Northwest, January 5, 2017
Cold snap in W. Washington is 'kind of the way it is'
      Keywords: Nick Bond