Grants and Awards

Research Funding

Through JISAO's Cooperative Agreement, research is funded through three tasks.

Task I

JISAO supports core programs by providing space, computer access, administrative support, and other services for post-docs and visitors. Core programs include:

  • Three to four postdoctoral fellows on annual appointments, renewable for a second year. Detailed lists of past visitors and post-docs are shown in each year's annual report.
  • Honoraria and travel expenses for short-term visitors
  • Education and outreach activities
  • A portion of JISAO administration

Task II

The Task II budgets serve as a vehicle for funding research scientists (UW professional staff), other postdoctoral research associates and graduate students. The Task II program supports directed, collaborative research efforts between NOAA and university scientists.

Task II funding currently supports:

Task III

Task III funds supports University of Washington research in areas compatible with the JISAO's major research themes. Task III programs serve as vehicles for funding research scientists (UW faculty and professional staff), postdoctoral research associates and graduate students.

Task III funding typically supports an average of 6 postdoctoral research associates housed at PMEL and AFSC.