NOAA Science Camp

NOAA Science Camp is held each July at the NOAA Western Regional Center at Sand Point in Seattle. Scientists from NOAA partner with the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean and Washington Sea Grant Program to organize and staff the event. It provides a unique opportunity for 7th and 8th graders to experience science projects in a hands-on learning environment.

NOAA and JISAO scientists contribute their time and expertise working with kids on real-life science problems related to the oceans, the atmosphere, and global climate change. The camp's mission is to "foster a sense of curiosity about, and understanding of, the research conducted by NOAA scientists."(2005 NOAA Science Camp Final Report)

Scholarships and registration

Beginning in 2006, JISAO worked with NOAA and Washington Sea Grant Program to successfully increase the diversity of camp participants. Each year JISAO funds 10 need-based scholarships making it possible for more kids to attend camp.

Information about scholarships and to register for camp

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