Melanie Null

JISAO intern enjoys unique research experience

MelanieJISAO summer intern, Melanie Null, works as a research assistant for JISAO scientists Nick Bond and Calvin Mordy. Null analyzes seawater samples collected in Hawaii, the Gulf of Alaska, and Bering Sea for nutrient content and concentrations of Phosphate, Silica, Nitrate, and Nitrite. When she is not in the NOAA lab, Null works with the Suquamish Indian Tribe planting baby geoducks near Olympia.

Null, a senior at the University of Washington majoring in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences with an emphasis on conservation management, applied for the JISAO internship because it offered hands-on learning and research experience. Her research will continue into the school year and be applied towards her senior Capstone Project. As Null's internship continues into the spring she may have the opportunity to participate in a research cruise to the Gulf of Alaska.

Null hopes one day to educate future generations about conservation and sustainability and how crucial a role humans play in shaping the world. She sees the JISAO Internship as a bridge between college and her professional future.