Earth Revealed: A View of Our Planet From Space

JISAO researcher Roger Marchand displays 3D images at Pacific Science Center

Roger Marchand with studentThis spring the Pacific Science Center held a special exhibit called Earth Revealed, a three-week event showcasing the work of local scientists and what they learn about the Earth by viewing it from space.

The series of programs culminated in a special event Saturday, May 2, with more than 20 hands-on activity stations each facilitated by the scientist conducting the cutting edge research.

JISAO was represented by Dr. Roger Marchand who talked about his research with the NASA Multiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer (MISR). MISR, mounted on NASA's Terra satellite, is a unique instrument that collects 275m visible and near-infrared images of Earth at nine different view angles (+70 degrees forward to -70 aftward) along the satellite's direction of flight.

Dr. Marchand used the MISR multiangle data to construct a variety of stereo images from space including an image of Hurricane Lily, plumes of smoke and ash from Montana wildfires and a volcanic eruption of Mt. Etna. The stereo images could be viewed in 3D using special polarized glasses.