Education & Outreach

JISAO supports educational and diversity outreach through its K-12 partnerships, undergraduate and graduate research programs, annual lecture series, and a variety of yearly community events. JISAO collaborates with University of Washington, NOAA and community partners to reach the widest audience possible and to increase the participation of underrepresented communities in the sciences.

JISAO scientists share their passion for science with the public, help increase scientific literacy, nurture inquisitiveness in young people, and mentor the next generation of scientists at JISAO's outreach events.

Forest to Seas: A report on Outreach Efforts Aligned with the University of Washington's College of the Environment (JISAO profiled on pages 22-25)

For more information about JISAO Education and Outreach, contact:

Jed Thompson
Education/Outreach and Communications Specialist
(206) 616-3845